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Radio Perseids 2005 - by ChrisSteyaert 2005/08/13 @ 20:40

The maximum of the Perseids 2005 has taken place o­n August 12, around 18h UT, as predicted.
Many observations can be seen o­n

The European observers have not  the highest counts at that moment. This is because the (geometrical) observing conditions (radiant elevation and azimuth) is not very favorable for them. 
Aroung 6 - 7 am local time the radiant is very high, which is also an unfavorable situation (this is quite different from visual observations).

Increases in the afternoon counts of European observers are an equally good indicator of Perseid activity.

Jeff Brower got the most luck, because the true maximum coincided with good radio observing conditions for him.

'Stay tuned' for the next days, it is not yet over


Perseids live - by Webmmaster 2005/08/11 @ 22:48

I threw up a very basic web site for the Perseids. It will update every 5 minutes. If you get clouded out have a look.


Jeff Brower

Colorgramme RMOB Lab v 1.0 soft announcement - by Pierre Terrier 2005/08/01 @ 11:53

New in "DOWNLOADS" area on

Free Windows® software, Colorgramme RMOB Lab v 1.0 is an experimental version of an "universal" software for read your data, display Colorgramme and RMOB files and transfert on the web your data via FTP.
The soft read the data from RMOB files, HROFFT, MAnalyzer and Spectrum Lab and Meteor & Colorgramme WMeteor softwares.

The soft is currently under development, I wait your bugs detected for modify the soft.
I have some "time" in august for modify the code.
My email contact is under "about" box in the soft.

Pierre Terrier


Roswell Meteor Audio - by Stan Nelson 2005/07/27 @ 23:12

HI all,
Just wanted to let you know I am currently transmitting audio via NASA's servers on two frequencies, 216.979 & 67.240 MHz. A good link to get to them is my web page at: Stan Nelson Roswell, NM USA

Visual RMOB new processing - by Pierre Terrier 2005/06/27 @ 17:46

An new processing is used for display the visual RMOB pages.

If you are RMOB observer please send your RMOB text data in colorgramme On Line area.
The image and RMON text is stored on to our server.
Next  the admin of the RMOB web site copy your files in Visual RMOB dir.

Later your data is displayed in the visual RMOB pages.

New RMOB Web site - by Pierre Terrier 2005/02/14 @ 12:12

Here is the new RMOB web site.
I hope is usefull for all radio meteor observers and data users.

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